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S W I S S  B A S E D  A R T I S T


Karin Studer, a graduate of fashion design school zurich, is a mixed media artist based in switzerland, best known for her creative artwork she draws on surfboards.

Mostly inspired by nature, Karin created an entire visual universe, painting patterns and images on surfboards and skate decks. Her signature look however is the dot art style.​

She uses her craft to create art pieces that others can enjoy and decorate their homes with.

"For me, a surfboard is like a work of art in itself. And that is what fascinates me. I try to make art into art. To create a unique piece - to create one of a kind."

Karin loves to experiment and works in many mediums- she is a painter, illustratorgraphic designer, lettering artist; the list goes on.

She also created a small line of jewelry pieces, designed in switzerland and produced by a family business in germany, using recycled and sustainable gold. 

Art is truly her passion and a way to express herself.

If you've been searching for a unique art piece, get in touch and let's create something special.


s k i l l s


Surfboard & Skatedeck Painter


Lettering Artist

Logo Designer

Jewelry Creator

Universe & Nature Lover

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